The Stoffel Seal
The Stoffel seal was issued to Ulrich Stoffel of Lindau, Bavaria, Germany during the reign of Maxmilian I (the first).
Date of the issue was January 20, 1512
** this seal was color enhanced by me and no assumption should be made that the colors are a true representation. I just couldn't resist!
Was this seal given to this particular Stophel line?  Who knows.  ...but I see no reason a Stophel can't claim it as theirs.... don't think they will be beheaded.
Historical Facts
HENRICH STOPHEL was born in Europe on Nov. 7, 1718.  He died in January 1802 in Washington County, VA. He emigrated from Rotterdam to America on the ship "Halifax", captained by Thomas Coatam.  He arrived in America on September 28, 1753.  From all census information I can find, it seems the Stophels were farmers.  His wife, Christiana, was also born in Europe about September 1735.  She died before January 1819 in Washington County, VA.  Their children are listed in the Pre-1800 family tree page of this site.
HENRICH STOFFEL, JR. was born November 7, 1764  and died sometime after 1850 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.  Zion Lutheran Church records list his birth date and also a number of times when he was a communicant.  He was confirmed on Good Friday, April 18, 1783.  He married Philippina _____.  Their children are listed in the Pre-1800 family tree page of this site.
JOHANN ABRAHAM STOPHEL was born around 1800.  He married Elizabeth Miller who was born in Tennessee.  I have had a difficult time finding legal confirmation of the siblings of Abraham.  I have had to rely on the writings of George Looney Stophel Sr (born 1898).  According to him and other contributors, the children listed on the family tree page of this site are the children of Abraham Stophel (the spelling used by "Uncle Looney") .  He appears to have known something about  the children since his handwritten family tree refers to the members by nick names such as 'Bob' instead of Robert.  Hopefully, as visitors see this site, I will get better information on Henry and Philippina's children.
WITH SPECIAL APPRECIATION for George Looney Stophel, Sr. who took the time to write down all he knew about the Stophel family and the families of the wives of his ancestors. Now that he has passed away, the facts he knew in 1958 were valuable aides to me in beginning my search.  While the copy I have is poorly zeroxed, it still provided a wealth of information.
From the notes on the family tree done by George Looney Stophel, Sr.:

My great grandfather, Abram Stophel, and his wife Elizabeth Miller raised their family on the Holston River where the South Holston Dam now is.  They owned the place. The old house was still in use until  just before the dam started about 1938. It had been in use for over 100 years
                         (Written by G. L. Stophel)

P.S. They are most all buried in the Stophel Cemetery just below the dam
The spelling of "Stophel" or rather the variety of ways it is spelled seems to be a product of census takers writing down what they hear and not getting an official spelling.  First of all these were German immigrants and probably could not read or write English.  Therefore they were at the mercy of whomever was writing down their name or translating information that was written by them.   I'll trust "Uncle Looney".... it's STOPHEL.
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