Elkanah Stophel Family
Elkanah Stophel, son of Jacob and Barbara Stophel, was born February 5, 1859 and died August 12, 1940.  He lived in Sullivan County, TN.
Elkanah Stophel
Mary Alice Barr
Mary Alice Barr married Elkanah Stophel.  She was born July 20, 1867 and died December 17, 1943. She had one of  the two set of twins I have found in the Stophel family.  She was a resident of Sullivan County, TN.
The Elkanah Stophel Family
Mary Alice with Alma, George Looney, and Ellen Irene
One correction to the article: Elkanah had already passed away when Mary Alice Barr Stophel died.