Glenn Preston Stophel, son of George Looney Stophel married Dorothy Mae Gregory on July 23, 1949.
Wedding Day
Glenn Preston Stophel
1924 - 2000
The Fishing Hat
My dad loved to fish, even in the winter.   I gave him this hat with flaps one Christmas.  He graciously modeled it for me!
One of my favorite stories:  When he was about 17, he went fishing at a dam in Bristol.  He took a bus there and back.  While he was fishing on top of the dam, he fell  into the water and had to ride the bus back to town, soaking wet.  He was so embarrassed!  Not for being wet, but because he lost his shoes and had to ride the bus barefooted!  He could care less that he was wet. 
~~ Glenn Preston's daughter, Darlene ~~