Henry Stoffel (1798-1885) Descendants
Alvin Stuffel (1908), grandson of Henry, pictured with his wife Viola and one of their children.
Henry Calvin Stuffel, grandson of Henry Stuffel, was born 1913.
Sarrah Anne Stuffel {1896-1975} was the granddaughter of Henry Stuffle.  She is pictured with her husband William Girdley and their first born son, William Sheldon.
These pictures are provided by Melissa who is a decendant of this line.  She has other pictures of her ancestors on her site.  If you would like to see them, click HERE.
Henry's family tree
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These pictures are provided by Jennifer who is a decendant of this line.  
Henry Stuffle,
son of Henry Stoffel
Marriage Certificate of Celia (daughter of Henry and Caltha Stuffle) and William Paris McArtor
Henry and Caltha Stuffle
Henry and Caltha Stuffle with their children: Annie, Lola, Berley, and Alvin.
Children of
Henry Stuffle,
Children of
Alvin and Niola Stuffel
Funeral Pamphlet
Lola (Stuffle) Duucan