Research Notes
While researching the Stophel family, I collected a lot of information that really didn't 'fit' into a family tree format.  I also ended up with a lot of 'elusive Stophels'....they are recorded as being Stophel/Stoffels, but no indication is given as to how or where they fit into the Family Tree. Unless I find someone who has them in their family tree, I don't know if a connection will ever be made. 

Looney Stophel made several references to people who fit into this category.  Looney named two of Abram's brothers, David and Isaac.  While I have yet to find any information to support this, Looney was so thorough in his writing that I feel they probably were. He also said that Abram had two sisters.  He didn't know their names, but he knew one married a Grubb. He stated the other sister married a Taylor and was mother to Owen Stophel's wife, Emmaline Taylor.  Piecing together information, I have an educated guess at Abram's brothers and sisters..... but still no records to prove it.  Emmaline is shown in the 1860 census as being born in NC, so I can only assume that Hannah Stophel married Jacob Taylor and moved to North Carolina for a while.  It appears they returned or somehow Owen Stophel met Emmaline and later married her.  In the Pre 1800 family tree, I included (and note accordingly) all possibles.  I will delete them as I find proof that the information is wrong.  The years before 1860 are very limited in actual records and even the records kept were done by non-governmental sources. Spelling and preciseness were not a necessity.
The gravesite, Stophel Cemetery by the dam, has been described as well kept but there are many graves that either have no marker or the marker is unreadable.  Since this seems to be the site where the earliest Stophels were buried, it is logical that those graves are the Stophels I can't find any information on.  I think those graves are the proof needed for the names of Abram's brothers and sisters.  Right now, Looney's account is all I have.
While surfing the net to find information on the Stophels, I have visited several message boards.  These boards give people a chance to give what information they have ...hopefully to get a response that will lead them to more precise information.  I am including some of those messages to give you an idea of what I see as more questions to be answered.
"Peter Stoffel, Sr. is my great-great-great grandfather.  I'm betting that Peter's grandfather, Henry Stoffel or Stuffle was one of the five brothers who landed in Maryland.  My grandfather said his family came over from Switzerland, and claimed that there is a Stoffel Castle there.  I've heard him say that his ancestors came to Bristol, TN by the way of Pennsylvania when they came to the United States.  I'm going on what I've heard since I was a child and Grandpa's account may not have been quite accurate."   Problem here is that the Ship's list only shows one Stoffel....and it landed in Philidelphia.  I questioned this's the response from another visitor..
"My father tells me that his great-great-great-grandfather was descended from one of five brothers who emigrated from Switzerland.  I now think that this was probably John Henrich Stoffel.  He ended up in Tennessee where my father's family has lived."
"My great-great-grandmother, Sarah Catherine Stoffel, was born in 1862 in the Bristol VA/TN area.  She married in Sullivan Co., TN about 1880.  She died in Dayton, Ohio in 1935.  Her death certificate says she was born in TN ( probably the Bristol area) and that her parents were a 'David Stuffel', born in VA and Katie Weaver born in TN."  Needless to say, I don't have a David Stuffel married to a Katie Weaver in my records, but as usual.... it's a pretty good bet there was one.  Question is WHICH David?
"Just because Heinrich is the only Stoffel listed on the ship log does not mean he is the only Stoffel on the ship.  Only males age 16 and above signed the log.  If Henry was the oldest brother (23) and he came with 4 younger brothers (say 9,11,13,& 15) and possibly a sister or two (say 18 & 20), Henry would still be the only one listed."  Now this sounds logical up to a point.... but assuming they went their seperate ways in America..... I can't see ages 9 through 15 choosing to live on their own rather than staying close to their oldest brother.  Other Stoffel researchers are tracing their line starting in NY, PENN, etc.  which points to the brothers splitting up rather soon after their arrival.
As you can see.........the search and research goes on..........
"I descend from Anna Catharine Stoffel who married Stephen Beck in Feb 1755 in Lancaster, Lancaster, PA.  I can not find any other Stoffels in Lancaster.  Catharine died abt 1809 (possibly in Augusta Co, VA).  I have often thought that she might be a sister or relative of Heinrich Stoffel as I find other Stoffels in and around the Shenandoah Valley of VA and down into Sullivan Co. TN."  Heinrich had a daughter named Anna Catharine (born 1773).  This Catharine is a contemporary of Heinrich.  Does that make her a sister to Heinrich?
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