Cemetery Records and Funeral Home Records
of Sullivan County, TN
The following information has been taken from the TNGenWeb site.  I am very grateful that these people have taken the time to record and publish the information they have found on tombstones.  It helps all researchers gather information on their ancestors without having to wander around Sullivan Co. Click HERE to go to their site...you will find lots of interesting material on the county!
This list is by no means all the Stophel/Stoffel and related family grave sites, but it's a good start.
                                       Beidleman Cemetery
Stophel, Elbert W. 1857-1949
(F=Owen Stophel, M=Emmaline Taylor, W=Rosa Bell Houser
Stophel, Rosa Bell Houser b. 5-11-1867 d. 1-21-1945
(F=George Houser, M=Margaret, H=Elbert W. Stophel)
Stophel, Owen Andrew b. 1-06-1870 d. 3-20-1949
(F=Owen Stophel, M=Emmaline Taylor, W=Susan Catherine O'Dell)
Stophel, Susan Catherine "Kate" b. 10-31-1873 d. 12-04-1960
(F=Isaac O'Dell, M=Alice Crumley, H=Owen A.Stophel)
                                      Glenwood Cemetery
Bolling, Jeanette T. age 78 d. 8-08-2000.
(F=Warren G. Trivett. M= Elizabeth Stophel. H= Abe Bolling, Jr. Dau= Darlene E Flick & Joann Boyd. Sis= Ida Phillips, Gladys Howser & Geneve Borders. Bro= Raymond Trivett.)
Booher, Jennings Bryan b. 7-11-1896 d. 3-01-1978 (
F=George W. Booher, M=Nannie Vance, W=Betty Hickman. Grandson  of Katherine "Kate" Stophel and Samuel D. Booher
Smithson, Susan Catherine b. 4-28-1893 d. 6-22-1969
(F=Elbert W. Stophel, M=Rosa Bell Houser, H=William D. Smithson.
Smithson, William Daniel b. 5-13-1899 d. 9-26-1964
(F=Samuel Smithson, W=Susan Catherine Stophel)
Stophel, Oscar William b. 10-30-1900 d. 6-22-1969 -
Green Co, TN (F=Abram C. Stophel, M=Eliza Jane Smithson, W=Cora Lee Frye)
Stophel, Ossie Faye b. 9-27-1908 d. 4-29-1956
(F=Breaks Mattox, M=Belle Carrier, H=Sam Stophel)
                                       Beeler Cemetery
Booher, Baxter b.12-23-1899 d. 11-28-1959
(F=Daniel V. Booher. M=Dorcas E. Mills. W=Evelyn Kautz)
Booher, Daniel V. 1855-1912
(F=Samuel D. Booher. M= Catherine Stophel. W= Dorcas E. Mills)
Booher, Dorcas E. 1866-1936
(F=Ephraim Mills. M=Elitha . H=Daniel V. Booher
Booher, George E. 1901-1902
(F=George W. Booher. M=Nancy B.M. Vance
Booher, George W. b. 1-18-1858 d. 7-06-1932
(F=Samuel Booher, M=Katherine "Katie" Stophel)
Booher, John Edward b.1856 d. 5-08-1943. (F= Samuel Daniel Booher. M= Catherine Stophel. W=Mary E. Smith. Son=William Luther Booher)
Booher, Nancy B.M. b. 10-22-1867 d. 9-09-1931 (F=Soloman Vance. M= Sarah Hunt.  H=George W. Booher)
Booher, Samuel J. 1888-1896 (F= George W. Booher. M=Nancy B.M. Vance)
Stophel,  Susannah  b.1837  d. 11 Feb 1917 (Probable daughter of Isaac Stophel)
                                     Weavers Cemetery
Booher, David S. b. 8-13-1864 d. 11-19-1954 (
m. 8-21-1887. F=Samuel D. Booher, M=Catharine Stophel)
Booher, George E. age 73 b. Scarborough,WVA d. 5-02-2001
(F=David Oscar Booher Sr., M= Flossie Hazelwood. W=1st  Gladys Peters, 
                                   Mountain View Cemetery
Trivett, Elizabeth Stophel b. 1-24-1889 d. 3-06-1963
(F=Elkanah Stophel, M=Sarah Grubb, H=Warren G. Trivett)
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1860 Sullivan Co. Census (Stoffels)
                                    Crumley Cemetery
Crumley, Phillip N. b. 10-14-1827 d. 10-09-1878 (W=Elizabeth Stophel, daughter of Abraham Stophel  and Elizabeth Miller)
                                    Mixed Cemeteries including out-of-state
Stophel., Glenn Preston b. 5-21-1924  d. 2-06-2000. (F= George L. Stophel. M= Mary Rachel Burke. W= Dorothy Gregory. Dau= 
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Cemeteries Recorded by Ron Utz:
Stoffel Cemetery, Bristol, VA
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Brisendine, Darlene Hester, Donna Hairston,  and Deborah Williams.  Sons= Lonnie & Wayne Stophel.  Bro= Harold Stophel. Sis= Carolyn Murray) Buried Head Springs Cemetery, Valley Head, AL
Stophel, Joseph age 85 d. 11-22-2000. (W= Louise Stophel. Bros= Tim, Robert, & Clyde Stophel.) Buried Clearwater, FL.
Stophel, Carl E. d. Oct 1927. (W=. Tobie McGehee. Son= Clyde E.) Buried Cherry Hill Cemetery, Perryville, Arkansas.
Stophel, Clyde E. b. Jul 11, 1927, d. Nov 14, 2000. Buried in Cypress Memorial Gardens, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
2nd Rose Snyder. Son= Joe E. Booher. Sis=Ida O'Dell, Rachel Robinette, Ann Millhorn, & Wanda Davidson. Bros= Randall L. & David O.
Booher, Harriet A. Smith b. 8-28-1867 d. 11-05-1928 (H=David S. Booher who is the son of Katie Stophel and Samuel  Booher)
Booher, Margaret V. b.9-24-1917 d. 4-03-1919. (F=William Luther Booher. M=Carrie Wilson. Bro=Charles E., Cody K., Marshall H., & William C. 
Booher. Sis=Mildred A. Booher