Cemetery Records and Funeral Home Records
of Sullivan County, TN
The following information has been taken from the TNGenWeb site.  I am very grateful that these people have taken the time to record and publish the information they have found on tombstones.  It helps all researchers gather information on their ancestors without having to wander around Sullivan Co. Click HERE to go to their site...you will find lots of interesting material on the county!
                                Stophel Cemetery
Stoffel, John Kelly b. 10-16-1898 d.3-10-1942
(F=Isaac E. Stoffel. M=Maude Abbott)
Stophel, Carl E. b. 12-17-1906 d. 6-09-1921
Stophel, Clarence F. b. 3-12-1915 d. 10-22-1918
Stophel, David Jr. 1868-1931
(W=Minnie Stophel)
Stophel, David Sr. b. 9-16-1807 d. 7-14-1897 (89yrs. 9 mo. 28 days)
Stophel, Gladys b. 2-28-1922 d. 5-23-1924
Stophel, J.D. b. 1-18-1887 d. 11-04-1909
Stophel, Mack Ray 1894-1957
(F=David Stophel Jr.)
Stophel, Minnie 1868-19-- (date not cut)
H= David Stophel
Stophel, Safaria Luvenia b. 5-20-1887 d. 2-22-1929
(F=N.D. Booher, M=Elzira Blevins)
                               Stophel Cemetery by Holston Dam
Ferriter, Amanda Malvina b. 12-18-1846 d. 8-25-1869 (F=Jacob Stophel, M=Barbara Miller, H=James Ferriter)
Ferriter, James b.3-10-1829 (Dauhlin, Ireland) d. 1-01-1916 
(W=Amanda Malvina Stophel)
Stophel, Owen b. 10-25-1825 d. 4-12-1914 (F=Abraham Stophel, M=Elizabeth, W=Emmaline Taylor
Stophel, Emmaline b. 4-04-1832 d. 10-08-1896
(F=Jacob Taylor, M=Hannah, H=Owen Stophel)
Stophel, Jonathan b. 4-10-1859 d. 12-10-1884
(F=Owen Stophel, M=Emmaline Taylor)
Stophel, Jacob R.B. b. 11-08-1867 d. 4-02-1897
(F=Owen Stophel, M=Emmaline Taylor)
Stophel, William D. b.10-04-1888 d. 12-07-1900
(F=Owen Andrew Stophel, M=Susan Catherine O'Dell.
                      Grandson of Owen and Emmaline Stophel)

Stophel, Barbara b. 5-08-1838 d. 3-20-1916
(F=Abraham Stophel, M=Elizabeth)
Stophel, Jacob b. 3-31-1823 d. 11-14-1860
(F=Abraham Stophel, M=Elizabeth, W=Barbara Miller)
Stophel, Barbara Miller b. 5-22-1825 d. 3-07-1900
(H=Jacob Stophel)
Stophel, Elizabeth b.7-28-1855 d. 8-25-1857
(F=Jacob Stophel, M=Barbara Miller)
                                 Shipley Cemetery (Bristol, TN)
Stophel, Abram C. 1865-1915
(F=Owen Stophel. M=Emmaline Taylor)
Stophel, Ada  1901-1986
(Nee:Buckles H=Floyd Stophel)
Stophel, Caroline J. b. 3-31-1949 d. 4-01-1949
Stophel, Charles Andrew b. 12-23-1883 d. 4-21-1928
Emmett,TN (F=Elbert W. Stophel, M=Rosabell Howser)
Stophel, Claude E. 1921-1945
Stophel, Dallas O. b. 12-23-1902 d. 11-12-1979
Stophel, David D. b. 11-12-1893 d. 12-24-1941
(F=L.M. Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey)
Stophel, Edward C. 1930-1946
Stophel, Eliza J. 1870-1948
Stophel, Elkanah b. 2-05-1859 d. 8-12-1940
(F=Jacob Stophel. M=Barbara Miller)
Stophel, Ellen Irene b. 5-30-1896 d. 1-18-1923
(F= Elkanah Stophel. M=Mary A. Barr)
Stophel, Ermine Claude b. 10-09-1921 d. 8-20-1945
(F=Leander Jacob Stophel, M=Myrtle Morrell)
Stophel, William Floyd b. 5-31-1904 d. 12-02-1980
Bristol, TN (F=Elkanah Stophel, M=Mary A. Barr, W=Ada Buckles)
Stophel, George L.  6-27-1898 - no date cut (1-21-1990)
(F=Elkanah Stohel. M=Mary Alice Barr)
Stophel, George L. Jr. b. 2-16-1923 d. 2-19-1923
(F=George L. Stophel, M=M.R. Stophel)
Stophel, Gordon F. b. 12-17-1925 d. 8-28-1977
(F=George Looney Stophel. M= Mary Rachel Burke)
Stophel, Katherine Alma b. 9-18-1892 d. 1-09-1977
(F=Elkanah Stophel. M= Mary A. Barr)
Stophel, Leander Jacob b. 12-11-1898 d. 5-15-1973
(F=Looney Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey, W=Myrtle Morrell,  Children=Clifford, Douglas, Dollie Stophel & Etta Alford, Sister=Ollie Stophel)
Stophel, Lizzie Brown b. 8-15-1888 d. 5-13-1967
(F=Looney Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey)
Stophel, Looney M. b. 3-30-1852 d. 8-22-1930
(F=Jacob Stophel, M=Barbara Miller)
Stophel, Louvenia 1887-1929
Stophel, Malissa Mahaffey b. 12-08-1861 d. 1-18-1923
(H=Looney M. Stophel)
Stophel, Marie Bellany b. 10-06-1913 d. Feb. 1990 
(H=G.L. Stophel - his 2nd marriage)
Stophel, Mary Alice b. 7-20-1867 d. 12-17-1943
(H=Elkanah Stophel)
Stophel, Mary R. 1900-1965
Stophel, Myrtle G. 1903-1934
Stophel, Nellie Malissa b.7-14-1901 d. 1-13-1949
(F=Looney M. Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey)
Stophel, Ollie I. 1896-1991
(F=Looney Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey)
Stophel, Sallie Ellen b. 10-28-1886 d. 5-31-1957
(F=Looney Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey)
Stophel, Thelma M. b. 7-28-1908 d. no date cut
Stophel, Tiffany J.  1986-1986
Stophel, William Clarence b. 1-04-1892 d. 4-23-1940
(F=L.M. Stophel, M=Malissa Mahaffey)
Stophel, William Elkanah b & d 4-05-1931
(F=John Stophel. M=Ethel Moore)
White, Lola Carrier b. 2-20-1915 d. 9-30-1976
(F=Noah Carrier, M=Emma Stophel, H=Charles White)
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