Johann Valentine Stoffel
(b) Aug. 21, 1795 VA
moved to Sullivan Co. TN
(m)Rebecca ?
Johann Valentine Stoffel
Probable Son of Heinrich and Philippina Stoffel
David Stoffel
(b)~1841 TN
John E.
b. Jul 22, 1890 IA
d. Nov 6, 1972 WI
Valentine Stoffel
(b)~1834 TN
Jacob Stoffel
(b)~1830 TN
George Stoffel
(b)~1828 VA
John Stuffle
(b)May 25, 1826 TN
(d) Aug 2,1865
Chickasaw, IA
William Stoffel
(b)~1825 VA
Catharine Stoffel
(b)~1824 TN
(or Susan) Stoffel
(b)~1838 TN
(m)Allen Case
(m)Frances Margaret Hughes
b.Nov 29,1870-IA
d. Aug 21, 1949 Chippewa Co, WI
(m)Mary (Polly) Keasling
b.Nov. 23, 1832 Morgan Co IN
d. Mar 22, 1912 Chickasaw, IA
1833- ?
Jacob C.

(b)1862 IN
(d)Feb 25,1944 Exeland WI
William B.

(b)Mar 15,1856 IN
(d) Feb 12,1866 IA
(b)1860 TN
Elizabeth B. (b)1856 TN

(b)Mar 7,1858 IN
(d) Jan 31,1874 IA
Anna Rebecca

(b)Jan 1861 IN
(d)Sep 23, 1949 IA
Esther J.
b.Jul 1887
I found a couple of sources that listed Valentine as a son of Henry and Philippina.   Sharon, one of the main contributors to this era, says all indications point to this being the case.  She has tracked this Stoffel lineage as thoroughly as possible.  Sharon has access to more records than I even knew existed!  John Stuffle is added to this family because he 'fits' time and place wise.  The fact that a brother, Jacob, also made the move to Indiana for a brief time gives even more validity to John's connection with this family.
Valentine Stophel, first of Washington Co., VA and then of Sullivan County TN appears to be Johann Valentine Stoffel, son of Heinrich and Philippina Stoffel.
John Stuffle is listed here as a possible son of Valentine. His date of birth and location fit the family pattern. The Stoffel spelling may be due to census error rather than actual name change. In this family unit, he is the only one noted as permenantly moving to another state... IN and then on to Iowa. (See note on his brother Jacob below.)
The 1860 census for Monroe Co., IN, listed John, his wife, and two young sons.  His birthplace was given as TN.  Living in the same county was Jacob, 25, of VA.  Jacob was on the 1850 TN census as a 19 yr. old son of Valentine, but did not appear on the 1860 TN census.  He is back in TN by the 1870 census.  Sharon is concluding that Jacob went to live near his brother John, but then later returned to TN...possibly because of the Civil War.
Another case to be made for John being added as a son: the names of two of his children repeat the names of Valentine and Rebecca, his parents.
Mar 20, 1855
b.Jul 1891
John Samuel
? Stewart
Sep 8,1889
1900 - 1982
b. Jan 15, 1898 IA
d. Jan 31, 1938 WI
Lulu A.
b. Jun 25, 1892 IA
d. Nov 25, 1906 IA
b. Sep 7, 1904 IA
Gladys Esther
b.Sep 8, 1902 IA
d. Jan  1972 WI
b. Nov 18, 1906 IA
d. Nov 25, 1987
bef. 1908
bef. 1908
m. Earl Tupper
2nd m.
William Fetting
~ 1915
Aug 29, 1918
m. Andrew Drace
Nov 17,1921
m. John Levi Veness
m. Leo Charles Danforth
m. Anna May Mullet
Apr 5, 1925
** Information on the John Stuffle line is the work of Ron Utz who was generous enough to share it with us . **