Pre-1800's Stophel Family Tree
This is very sketchy with a lot of 'about's and 'before's, however the documentation at the time was not precise.  It has become "The Great Stophel/Stoffel Puzzle."  My thanks to all who have thrown in their 'puzzle pieces'. This is one case where every little bit of information may help us all.  The information is sorted out to the best of my ability and by no means meant to be considered as an absolute representation.
J. Henrich Stoffel
born approximately 1730 in Europe and emigrated from Rotterdam, September 28,1753, on the ship "Halifax".He possibly stayed in PA for a time then moved to MD and then to Washington Co., VA where he died in Jan. 1802. He  was a member of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick Co., MD.
married Christiana,
born about Sept. 2, 1735 in Europe.
Died before Jan 19, 1819 in Washington Co. VA
Heinrich (Henry) M. Stoffel
(b)Nov 7, 1764-PA
(d) aft. 1850
June 24, 1798 - married Philippina
(b) about 1765 MD
(d) after 1850
Anna Elisabeth Stoffel
(b) Aug. 22,1787
in MD.
(d) aft. 1850
(m) ? Williams
Heinrich Stoffel
(b) May 8, 1798 (MD)
(d)Sept 1885
Johann Abraham Stophel
(b) Feb. 8, 1800
in Frederick Co., MD
This lineage is where our particular family tree continues with his  marriage to Elizabeth Miller  (TN).
Let's head to Tennessee!
George (b) 1794
Elisabeth (b) 1796
George Stoffel
(b) Sept 2, 1770
Hannah Stoffel
Jacob (B or D).
(b) abt. 1776
(d) abt. 1843
Johannes (John) Stoffel
(b) Oct 13 1761
(d) bef. 1800
Christiana Stoffel
(b)Sept 2,1770 (d)bef.. 1800
Anna Catherina Stoffel
(b) June 18, 1773 in MD
(d) 1799
Abraham Stoffel
(b) abt. 1780 (d) bef. Sept 1, 1827
Isaac Stoffel (b) abt. 1775 in MD
(d) 1845 (Wash. Co. VA)
(m)Anna Maria
(m)John Hambleton  before 1789
(m) July 22, 1799 -in MD Elisabetha Burkhardt
(m) Oct 21,1787 Catherina Freyburg
(m) aft. 1790 Adam Shankle
(m) June 25 1795 in MD
Andreas (Andrew) Mills
Elizabeth ???
(m) abt.1819 (Sullivan,TN) Elizabeth Mumpower
Feb 14, 1801
Mar 6, 1884
Johann Christian 
(b) 5-24-1792
Johann Valentine Stoffel
(b) Aug. 21, 1795
Hannah (b)1808
Wilhelm (b)1806
Frederich (b)1804
Sarah (b)1803
Lenchen (b)1801
(m) Feb 25, 1816
Benjamin Atkins
(m) 1816
Sarah Lucy Hunt
(b) 4-9-1789
- migrated to Caldwell Co., Missouri by 1840
one source named a second marriage to Jacob Getzendanner
2nd m. 1869 Charlotte Neal
(m)William R. Rhea
Louisa M. (b)1820
Barsheba Stuart
(m) 1851
Evadne J Buchanan
Edward Campbell  1831-1910
(m 1867) William W. Goodman (1846-1898)
Louisa Elizabeth 1851-1906
(m. 1850) Henry Richard Massengill
Harriet 1834-1889
(2nd m.) Lydia Jessee
(m) Frances Seneker
William George Rutledge
Children cont. >>>>>
(m)Nancy Skinner
John L.
Isaac Stoffel
David Stophel
***see note below
***David and Isaac are named as brothers of Abram in the family tree handwritten by G.L. Stophel in 1958 (age 60). I am still looking for confirmation of this.
G.L. Stophel states that  Abram also had at least two sisters, no names given, one married a Grubb and the other married a Taylor.  Stophel notes state that the Taylor marriage produced a child, Emmaline, who married Owen Stophel.  One researcher has concluded that these two daughters are probably Hannah and Rebecca.
(m) ?
(m) ?
(m)Anna Eliza ((Cosolnence?)
migrated to Martin Co.,IN
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Peter Stoffel
And yet another possible son of Heinrich and Philippina
(m)Rebecca ?
Rebecca Stoffel
b. ~1801 TN
Christiana Stoffel
b. 1788 MD
Hannah Stoffel
b. ~1801 TN
(m)Abram Grubb
(m)Jacob Taylor
Isaac Stoffel b.1854
(m)Harriet N.
b. 1859
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Known children: David, Owen Morgan, Catherine,  and a probable son, William Stuffle (married Nancy Grant)
Known children: Catherine, Christina, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Susannah, Jacob, Peter, Sary Ann
Known children: Daniel, Isaac, Suzanna, Catherine, Hannah, Rebecca
Known children: Louisa Rhea, Isaac Edward, Louisana, Nannie B., James Buchanan, Wiley, Betty, Robert, Molly E.
Known children: John, Andrew, James, Leander, William Larkin, Henry
Known children: Catherine, William, John, George, Jacob, Valentine, Susannah (or Susan), David
Known children: Elizabeth, Thomas, Christiana
Known children:  David Jr.
Known children: Suse Ann (Suzanne?), Catherine (Katie)
Known children: Owen, Elizabeth, Barbara, William Elkanah, Jacob, Isaac, Christiana
Known children:  Abram, Andrew....possibly Michael
Known children:  Rebecca, Isaac, Emmaline
Known children: David, Owen Morgan, Catherine
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(migrated with husband to Kentucky by 1800)
(Elizabeth Williams (73) & Christiana (68)  were living with David Stoffle in 1860 TN census
(m) Isaac Mills
s/o Anna Catherina Stoffel Mills