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Welcome to the
Stoffel/Stuffle/Stophel Name Game
or for the more serious minded  searchers,
the list of Given Names of Stoffel/Stuffle/Stophels on this site. 
You folks had better appreciate this!  I absolutely HATE alphabetizing names!
The ( ) show which link below will take you to the site page containing that name.
If a date is shown, it is the date of birth.
Sarah 1803 (Pre1800 link)
Isaac abt. 1775 (Pre1800 link)
Henry M. 1764 (Pre1800 link)
Heinrich bef 1798 (Pre1800 link)
Harriet (Pre1800 & Abraham Stoffel Link)
Hannah 1808 (Pre1800 link)
Hannah (Pre1800 link)
Hannah (Pre1800 link)
George  bef.1794 (Pre1800 link)
Frederick (Pre1800 link)
Edward Campbell 1831 (Pre1800 link)
David (Pre1800 link)
Christiana (Pre1800 link)
Christiana 1788 (Pre1800 link)
Catherine (Pre1800 link)
Anna Elizabeth 1787 (Pre1800 link)
Anna Catherina (Pre1800 link)
Abraham abt 1780 (Pre1800 & A. Stoffel Links)
Johann Christian 1792 (Pre1800 link)
Jacob abt 1776 (Pre1800 link)
Isaac (Pre1800 link)
Lenchen 1801 (Pre1800 link)
Johannes (John) 1761 (Pre1800 link)
Johann Valentine 1795 (Pre1800 link)
Johann Heinrich (Pre1800 link)
Peter  (Pre1800 link)
Owen Morgan (Pre1800 & Jacob Stoffel links)
Rebecca (Pre1800 link)
Louisa 1820 (Pre1800 & Abraham Stoffel link)
Wilhelm 1806 (Pre1800 link)
John Clarence 1910 (Jacob Link)
Carrie (Owen Link)
Carl Eugene 1902(Owen Link)
Berta Lee 1911(Owen Link)
Blanche M.(Owen Link)
Alice(Owen Link)
Abram Carl 1865(Owen Link)
Flora Emiline 1888 (Owen Link)
Emma (Owen Link)
Elmer (Owen Link)
Elbert Warley 1857 (Owen Link)
Dallas (Owen Link)
Charles Andrew 1883 (Owen Link)
Jonathan 1859 (Owen Link)
John 1860 (Owen Link)
Jacob 1867(Owen Link)
Holland (Owen Link)
Oscar William 1900 (Owen Link)
Lucy Katherine 1908 (Owen Link)
Kate (Owen Link)
William 1863 (Owen Link)
Sallie (Owen Link)
Owen Worley (Owen Link)
Owen 1870 (Owen Link)
Elizabeth 1837 (Owen Link)
William D. 1888 (Owen Link)
Clarence (Jacob Link)
Charles Anderson 1930 (Jacob Link)
Cletus Nevada (Jacob Link)
Charles Elkanah 1890 (Jacob Link)
Barbara 1833 (Jacob Link)
Clifford Eugene (Jacob Link)
Cora (Jacob Link)
Bessie (Jacob Link)
Audrey (Jacob Link)
Amanda Melviney 1846 (Jacob Link)
Ellen Irene 1896 (Jacob Link)
Edgar Charles 1901 (Jacob Link)
Elizabeth 1888 (Jacob Link)
Ermine Claude 1921 (Jacob Link)
Etta (Jacob Link)
Elizabeth 1855 (Jacob Link)
Elkanah 1859 (Jacob Link)
Douglas (Jacob Link)
Dollie (Jacob Link)
Douglas (Jacob Link)
David Dedrick 1893 (Jacob Link)
Isaac  (Isaac Link)
Edna Lee 1925 (Jacob Link)
Ernest Floyd 1924 (Jacob Link)
Eva (Jacob Link)
Edith (Jacob Link)
Henry Cain (Jacob Link)
Harold Eugene 1938 (Jacob Link)
Gladys (Jacob Link)
Garry Carter 1946 (Jacob Link)
Gordon Franklin 1925 (Jacob Link)
Glenn Preston 1924(Jacob Link)
George Looney Jr. 1923 (Jacob Link)
George Looney 1898 (Jacob Link)
James Franklin 1904(Jacob Link)
Jacob 1823 (Jacob Link)
Helen (Jacob Link)
Harvey (Jacob Link)
John Dillard 1922 (Jacob Link)
Joseph Edgar (Jacob Link)
Juanita (Jacob Link)
Mittie (Jacob Link)
Mae (Jacob Link)
Linda Ann 1942 (Jacob Link)
Leander Jacob 1898 (Jacob Link)
Looney M. 1852 (Jacob Link)
Katherine Alma 1892 (Jacob Link)
Katie (Jacob Link)
Kinny (Jacob Link)
Margaret (Jacob Link)
Mary Caroline 1937 (Jacob Link)
Margie Ruth 1927 (Jacob Link)
Raymond (Jacob Link)
Ruby Kate 1928 (Jacob Link)
Paul Cain 1932 (Jacob Link)
Ora Lee (Jacob Link)
Ollie Isabella 1896(Jacob Link)
Nora Malinda Elizabeth 1887 (Jacob Link)
Nellie Malissa 1901 (Jacob Link)
Trula Arizona(Jacob Link)
Tavis Texas (Jacob Link)
Sarah Ellen 1886 (Jacob Link)
Willie (Jacob Link)
William 1849 (Jacob Link)
Vick (Jacob Link)
William Floyd 1904 (Jacob Link)
William Clarence 1892 (Jacob Link)
William Elkanah (Jacob Link)
Wayne 1934 (Jacob Link)
Isaac Abraham 1885  (Isaac Link)
Elkanah D. 1858 (Isaac Link)
Elizabeth Catherine 1889 (Isaac Link)
Eliza Jane 1854(Isaac Link)
David Franklin 1855 (Isaac Link)
Amanda Eliza 1878 (Isaac Link)
Samuel 1893 (Isaac Link)
Margaret 1848 (Isaac Link)
John R. 1850 (Isaac Link)
Jeff Davis 1887 (Isaac Link)
Nancy Elizabeth 1846 (Isaac Link)
William Elkanah 1827 (Abraham Stophel Link)
Christiana {m. Grubb} (Abraham Stophel Link )
Elizabeth (Abraham Stoffel Link)
David (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Charles (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Christina 1811 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Catherine ~1800 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Anna Josephine (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Amanda (Abraham Stoffel Link)
George B. (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Elizabeth Josephine (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Ella (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Elizabeth (Abraham Stoffel Link)
I. E. David Jr. 1862 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Isaac E. D. 1887 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Permelia E. 1875 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Isaac Edward (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Ida (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Hal (E. C. Stoffel Link)
George Isaac (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Eugene Edward (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Eloise (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Clarence Jerome (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Betty (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Wiley (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Nannie B. 1860 (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Molley (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Louisiana (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Louisa Rhea 1851 (E. C. Stoffel Link)
James Buchanan (E. C. Stoffel Link)
J. Kelley (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Robert (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Reeve (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Neal (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Virginia (E. C. Stoffel Link)
Paul Rogers (E. C. Stoffel Link)
James Nicholas 1838 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Joseph 1838 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Isaac J. 1835 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
George W. 1839 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Daniel 1864 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
A. Permelia 1860 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
James Perry 1866 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Julia Catherine 1875 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
James Eli 1864 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Jacob H. 1851 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Julia Ann 1844 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
John 1844 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Owen Morgan Jr. 1852 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Oscar Rodney 1875 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Mary Alice 1858 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Jesse Bird 1869 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Sarah Harriet 1841 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Zolas "Zona" M. 1870 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Viola M. 1871  (Jacob Stoffel Link)
William Merton  1880  (Jacob Stoffel Link)
William Jefferson 1862 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
William 1830 (Jacob Stoffel Link)
Martha (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Martha 1860 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Martha 1840 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Mary Ann Polly 1814 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Johnnie (Abraham Stoffel Link)
John (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Jacob G. 1806 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
May (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Margaret (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Mary Ann (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Peter 1804 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Peter Jr. 1834 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Peter A. 1859 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Olive (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Nancy (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Nancy Elizabeth 1864 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Sophronia (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Susannah (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Sary Ann (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Sarah Jane 1839 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Sarah J. (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Ross (Abraham Stoffel Link)
William (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Walter (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Mack Junior (David Link)
Mack Ray 1894 (David Link)
David 1807 (David Link)
David Jr. 1868(David Link)
David STOPHEL Link
Valentine 1858 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
William B. 1856 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Walter 1906 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Ruth 1904 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Gladys Esther 1902 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Lulu A. 1892 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Lloyd 1908(Valentine Stoffel Link)
Laura 1898 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
John E. 1890 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
John 1826 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Jacob C. 1862 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Bernice 1900 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Anna Rebecca 1861 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
William bef. 1908 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
William abt 1825 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Valentine abt 1834 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Susannah abt 1838 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Jacob abt 1830 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Catherine abt 1824 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
David abt 1841 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
George 1828 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Elizabeth B. 1856 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Eliza 1860 (Valentine Stoffel Link)
Zachary Jourdan abt 1834 (William Stuffle Link)
Eliza Serena abt.1844 (William Stuffle Link)
Elizabeth 1833 (William Stuffle Link)
Cora May (William Stuffle Link)
Lenna (William Stuffle Link)
George W. 1853 (William Stuffle Link)
George W. 1877 (William Stuffle Link)
George (William Stuffle Link)
Isaac Buck 1835 (William Stuffle Link)
Isaac Buchanan (William Stuffle Link)
I. B. 1915 (William Stuffle Link)
Harriet(William Stuffle Link)
Harriet 1842 (William Stuffle Link)
Hugh (William Stuffle Link)
Harriet (William Stuffle Link)
Lucy (William Stuffle Link)
Liona (William Stuffle Link)
Lafayette McMillian 1844(William Stuffle Link)
Lucinda 1837 (William Stuffle Link)
Jordan G. 1865 (William Stuffle Link)
Jerushia (William Stuffle Link)
James Emmett (William Stuffle Link)
Jacob 1849 (William Stuffle Link)
Walter Sidney (William Stuffle Link)
Tom (William Stuffle Link)
Theodoshia Margaret (William Stuffle Link)
Sarah A. abt 1830 (William Stuffle Link)
Rutha (William Stuffle Link)
Roy (William Stuffle Link)
Nancy (William Stuffle Link)
Mack (William Stuffle Link)
Mary (William Stuffle Link)
Martha 1842 (William Stuffle Link)
Mollie (William Stuffle Link)
Mary Jane 1833 (William Stuffle Link)
Woodrow 1919 (William Stuffle Link)
William 1890 (William Stuffle Link)
William (William Stuffle Link)
Walker Hugh (William Stuffle Link)
William 1801 (William Stuffle Link)
Stuffle / Stuffel
John abt 1831 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Jacob M. 1905 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
James A. abt 1863 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
James 1902 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
James (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Henry Calvin 1913 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Henry 1858 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Harriett abt 1866 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Francis A. 1906 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Elmer R. 1917 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Cara Etta abt 1879 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Andrew abt 1840 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Alvin abt 1908 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Leander 1844 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Sterling U. abt 1876 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Sarrah Anne 1896 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Mary L. abt 1873 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Mary A. 1886 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Lola abt 1901 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Sylvester abt 1869 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Tabitha 1889 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
William 1885 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
William Larkin abt 1844 (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
William STUFFLE Link
Jacob STOPHEL Link
Valentine STOFFEL Link
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Willis 1870 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Anna 1881 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Myrtle 1884(Abraham Stoffel Link)
Emma J. 1885 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Edith 1888 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Earl 1893 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Eunice 1894 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Mary C. 1895 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
William Hobart 1898 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Silva 1899 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Percy 1900 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Olly 1902 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Rolla B. 1905 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Gladys 1907 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Melvina 1909 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
William 1870 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Wilma 1911 (Abraham Stoffel Link)
Shelia (Jacob Link)
Frankie (Jacob Link)
Jerry (Jacob Link)
Clyde E. 1927 (Owen Link)
Celia Irene (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Sharon (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Nelda (Heinrich Stoffle Link)
Joann (Heinrich Stoffle Link)