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Stophel Family
Richardson, M
Jones, Thelma
O'Dell, Susan
Houser, Rosa
Miller, Elizabeth b.1795
Mumpower, Elizabeth (Pre-1800 page) m. 1819
Shankle, Adam (Pre-1800) m. 1709
Hambleton, John (located on Pre-1800 page)
Peterson, Charlie
Miller, Barbara 1825-1900
Richardson, Elmer
Riggs, Annil
Moore, Ethel
Moore, Mamie Lee
Morrell, Myrtle
Mahaffey, Malissa 1861-1923
Roberts, John
Reed. Elbert
Rosenbaum, Nancy
Miller, Betsie
Thomas, Minnie
Hutton, Jim
Myers, Carol Ann b.1959
Stevens, William Edward
Taylor, Emmaline 1832-1896
Smithson, Eliza Jane  1870-1946
Stelley?, George
Note:  Since this site is a 'work in progress', this list will be updated periodically.  However, the tree is my main concern so surnames not listed may be present on the tree.
Minter, Laura b.1925
Strader, Jerry  b.1967
Knox, Robby  b.1975
Lynch, Jimmy  b. 1974
Tomlin, Suzanne  b.1948
McBride, Anita  b.1970
Keats, Jeff  b.1965
Soyars, Mike  b.1954
Harris, Steve  b. 1954
Nelson,, Teresa   b.1966
Rakes, Kathy  b.1955
Riker, Bill  b.1959
Noble, Lisa b.1964
West, Ralph  b.1927
Hopkins, Doris  b.1927
McCollum, Mark   b.1957
Parker, Abby  b. 1959
Harden, Bonnie
Steagall, Ann
Montegomery, James
Parrish, Jennifer
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Shankel, Jane (Edward Campbell link)
Taylor, Jacob b.VA (3rd generation Hannah link)
Hughes, Frances Margaret 1870 (3rd generation Valentine link)
Hamilton, Hazel 1923 (3rd generation Henry link)
Martin, Mary Elizabeth (2nd generation Jacob link)
Johnson, Homer (2nd generation Abraham link)
Hamilton, Hazel 1923 (3rd generation Henry link)
Jett, John Wolfe (Edward Campbell link)
Harrington, Ray (3rd generation Isaac link)
Hatcher, Toby (3rd generation Isaac link)
Hazelwood, Flossy (3rd generation Isaac link)
Keck, Andrew M. 1870 (3rd generation Henry link)
Helms, Jack E. (3rd generation Henry link)
Hill, Saumel Huston (2nd generation Abraham link)
Keasling, Mary (Polly) 1832 (3rd generation Valentine link)
Morrell, Mary (3rd generation Isaac link)
Kautz, Ethel (3rd generation Isaac link)
Vance, George Washington  (2nd generation Abraham link)
Martindale, Paul (3rd generation Henry link)
Mills, Andreas (Andrew)  m.1795 (2nd generation Anna Catherine link)
Oaks, Lonnie (3rd generation Henry link)
Moore, Gertrude (3rd generation Henry link)
Peavler, David Washington (2nd generation Jacob link)
Moratz, ? (2nd generation Jacob link)
Miller, John  m.1871 (2nd generation Jacob link)
Moore, Isaac (2nd generation Abraham link)
Moree, Elkanah (2nd generation Abraham link)
Musiak, Ethel b.1916 (3rd generation Isaac link)
Musiak, Ava (3rd generation Isaac link)
Shaffer, Abraham (2nd generation Abraham link)
Skinner, Ronald Max (3rd generation Henry link)
Ritchey, Calitha Viola b.1875 (3rd generation Henry link)
Shaffer, Flavius Josephus (2nd generation Jacob link)
Randolph, Lovey (2nd generation Jacob link)
Rutherford, Ben (3rd generation Isaac link)
Queen, Fred (3rd generation Isaac link)
Richardson, Ira
Smith, Harriet 1887 (3rd generation Isaac link)
Shipley, Adam (3rd generation Isaac link)
Shaffer, Mary 1807 (2nd generation Jacob link)
Shaffer, William Henry Abraham (2nd generation Jacob link)
Walden, David R. (2nd generation Jacob link)
Steel, H.H. (2nd generation Abraham link)
Spalding, Martha Jane b.1863 IN (3rd generation Henry link)
Snapp, Leavina (Edward Campbell link)
Smith, Mary E. (3rd generation Isaac link)
Smith, Mabel (3rd generation Isaac link)
Smith, Jim (3rd generation Isaac link)
Wilson, Carrie (3rd generation Isaac link)
Steel, James (2nd generation Abraham link)
Steel, Rhoda (2nd generation Abraham link)
Steel, Nancy 1811 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Stoner, John Alexander (2nd generation Abraham link)
Summerville, Buck (3rd generation Henry link)
Volkman, Irma (2nd generation Abraham link)
vanBroughton, Andrew (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whitman, Eliza C. (2nd generation Jacob link)
Ziggler,Anna Laura (3rd generation Henry link)
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Skinner, Nancy (Pre-1800 page)
Rhea, William (Pre-1800 page)
Massengill, Henry Richard (Pre-1800 page) m. 1850
Neal, Charlotte (Pre-1800 page) m. 1869
Jessee, Lydia (Pre-1800 page)
Seneker, Frances (Pre-1800 page)
Link to 2nd generation Christiana Stoffel Shankle
Keller, Malinda b.1834 (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Jones, Anna Catherine (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Hancher, William (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Hunt, Sarah Lucy b. 1799 (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Miller, Mary Polly (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Miller, Sarah A. (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Lore, Valentine b. 1810 (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Lore, David b.1829 (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Orrison, Andrew (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Moree, Anna Lee b. 1850 (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Miller, Mary Ann b. 1830 (2nd generation Christiana Shankel link)
Shankle, Elizabeth b. abt 1796 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, George b. abt 1794 (2nd generation Christiana Shanklel link)
Shankle, Adam Leonidas b.1826 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, John Merchant b.1824 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, Isaac Stoffel b.1823 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, Sarah Lucinda b.1820 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, Granvil Henderson b.1818 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Walter, Sarah A. b. abt.1826 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, Nancy Salena b.1844 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Shankle, Ijarah Evangelin b.1837 (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Turner, Barbara A. (2nd generation Christiana Shankle link)
Oliver, Elizabeth b.1809 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Parkhill, Roy Raymond b.1891 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Parkhill, Don Berry (2nd generation Abraham link)
Webb, Harriet Ellen b.,1864 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whisler, Luther b.1885 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whisler, Edward H. b.1881 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whisler, Cynthia Ann b.1878 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whisler, Priscilla J. b.abt.1876 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whisler, Sophronia b.abt.1874 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Whisler, Christian (2nd generation Abraham link)
McLaughlin, Louisa b. abt.1843 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Knapp, Edward (2nd generation Abraham link)
Parkhill, Ralph C. b.1900(2nd generation Abraham link)
Parkhill, Golda b.1894 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Richardson, Ira  (2nd generation Abraham link)
Mabley, Harriet Ann 1841 (2nd generation Abraham link)
Vance, L.  (2nd generation Abraham link)
Moneyhon, Ethel (Edward Campbell link)
Mumpower, Nevada (Edward Campbell link)
Woolwine, Emma Lewis  (Edward Campbell link)
Leftwich, Margaret 1895 (Edward Campbell link)
Slaughter, Louisa 1901 (Edward Campbell link)
Murray, Tommy
Murray, Glenn
McGehee, Tobie 
Hogan, Mary E. (2nd generation Jacob link)
McArtor, William Paris (3rd generation Henry link)